Junior Coaching

Junior coaching is year-round and your child can start at any time. The programs are on Saturday and are 90 minutes each week. Your child can start at any time and their program is 12 weeks in length. The programs are based on age (5-9) & (10+) are put in teams based on skill & experience. They don’t have to have clubs to start, but as they start to enjoy the game we will suggest the clubs that will fit them best. The advantage to the junior coaching is the ability to start at any time and your welcome to come out to a free session to try it out! Just fill in the contact form and we will get a time set up. Billing can be monthly or up front.


Junior Coaching is $395 for 12 weeks or $135/month for 3 months.

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Junior Individual Lessons

Individual Lessons include purposeful practice plans, video lessons, and use of launch monitor technology to work all aspects of your game.


$40/hour or $30/.5 hour… Price breaks are available for 3 and 5 lesson packages.