When Matthew began teaching in 2008 at Oakland Hills Country Club, most of his students were asking for him to fix their swing. After fixing golf swings for a few years he noticed that scores didn’t necessarily improve with the improved golf swing.  He knew what his clients really wanted was to shoot lower scores! As most pro’s know, the key to scoring well isn’t hitting the long ball. It’s learning the REAL game of golf with one simple idea…get the ball in the hole in fewer tries than the other players. Matt started his new philosophy by taking a group of players on the golf course, observing each player’s game, and developing a specific improvement plan for them while teaching them how to practice. The results were phenomenal!  His players always drop shots off their game, and Matthew guarantee’s the results!

The Creation of Great Data Golf

Matt created “Great Data Golf” out of necessity. Born in 2016, Great Data Golf carries the vision of developing programs that make it easier to improve at the game of golf. We pride ourselves in guaranteeing results for our customers.


Great Data Golf is driven by meaningful data. We apply launch monitor data, statistics, and meaningful data from on course evaluations to each and every student. This data ensures that we are delivering students the most efficient & effective player development experience.


We look forward to providing future online coaching programs to our students.

To learn more, please visit us @ www.greatdatagolf.com, or follow us on Facebook.

Awards & Certificates

  • Class A PGA Professional
  •                Level 1 Trackman Certified
  •  Flightscope Certified