Ashland Shortstop

 2020 Dates: July 11th & 12th

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 Ashland’s own Shortstop Golf Tournament started in 1945 and has not missed a year since. To put that into historical perspective, Harry Truman was President of The United States, taking over for Franklin D. Roosevelt, and our involvement in WWII was wrapping up, but still not complete.

The average cost of a new home was $4,600, average yearly income was $2,400, and a gallon of gasoline ran $.15. Today, the average price for a new home is $359,000, average yearly income is $52,000, and a gallon of gasoline will run approximately $2.50. My how times change, yet the playing of the Ashland Shortstop remains the same.

With a field of roughly 200 golfers, you could argue that the tournament has never been more popular. The Shortstop is a reunion of golfers from all around Wisconsin and the United States. Year in and Year out the quality of play is phenomenal as many talented golfers try and win a shortstop title. The field is completely open but is limited to the first 192 registrants.

Entry Fee: $105

*Payout: Champion: $400

Runner-Up:                $200

Flight Winner:           $150

Flight Runner Up:    $100

Flight Consolation:   $70

Tournament Format:

Day 1: 18 Hole Stroke Play Qualifying

Day 2: 9 Hole Match Play within Your Flight


*All payout is in the form of pro shop credit

The History of the Shortstop

Shortstop 2010-2018.pdf<> Shortstop 1990-2009.pdf<> Shortstop 1970-1989.pdf<> Shortstop 1945-1969

Shortstop Entry Form