Level 1 Junior Golf Camp Information

(Beginner-Intermediate) Skill Level

Our Level 1 Junior Golf Camps are always offered to youth for Free! This is our way of giving back and allowing juniors easy access to the game. Please note the format change from previous years. We are offering multiple one-week camps in order to accommodate more juniors through a busy summer season.

Camps give your child an immersion into the game, they are 5 days in length for 90 minutes each day and are based around games, challenges, and learning the skills needed to play the game of golf. Camps are age-specific so we create the appropriate games and coaching to ignite passion as your child sees that golf can be fun and easy to learn. Clubs are provided! All you need to do is drop your child at camp and the rest is up to us. Camps run all summer long.

Level 1 Schedule: Each session will run from (10 AM – 11:30 AM)

June 11-15: Ages (5-9) (16 max participants)… June 11-12 will be held after school 3:30 pm

June 18-22 Ages (10+) (16 max participants)

July 2-6 Ages (5-9) (16 max participants)… July 4th class will be optional

July 30-August 3 Ages (10+) (16 max participants)

August 6-10 Ages (5-9) (16 max participants)

Junior Golf Camp Facts:

  1. Does my child need clubs?
    1. If your child has clubs, please bring them, however, we provide clubs to those who don’t have them. Please let us know if your child will need clubs for the camp.
  2. How do I sign-up?
    1. Please sign up by calling our golf shop 715.682.8004
  3. What’s included in your junior program?
    1. 90 minutes of coaching/session, Logo Hat, Video, games, challenges, and on-course learning. Water and Snacks always provided.
  4. How do I find out which level is right for my child?
    1. On the sign-up page, you will see the groups are age- and skill-level specific. Within each team, we group players who are comparable in ability. Your child will feel comfortable in the session and increase their learning ability by being paired with other players of similar skill. In order to sign up for our Level 2 programming, you must graduate from Level 1.

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