Men’s League

The Chequamegon Bay Golf Club Men’s League has great history. Many league members are participants for over 20 years. Rivalries are abound in this League of 4 Divisions. More importantly great friendships and relationships are built throughout the league. Our Men’s League has room to grow. It is based on handicap, so you need not be a scratch golfer to participate. Men’s League plays every Tuesday in the Afternoon, starting at or around 3:30 pm.

Men’s League perks include:

  • Competition & Comradery amongst peers.
  • Prizes, including: skins, proximity games, and league titles
  • Meet New People
  • Commitment to playing golf once a week

2017 Men’s League Sub List:

  1. Brian Miller: 715.209.6890
  2. Ricky Bretting: 715.292.7735
  3. John Kolonko: 715.765.4584
  4. Mark Gutteter:
  5. Rick Williams: 715.209.0479
  6. Jeff Lewis: 715.682.5686
  7. Jim Schanandore: 715.209.8604
  8. Carl Hambuch: 715.682.2733