Junior Golf Tour @ Chequamegon Bay Golf Club

We created the hat system to give both our juniors and their parents a clear path to improvement like you have in martial arts. The hat system is based on having our juniors focus in on the parts of the game they can master at their age & strength level. All players start at a White Hat Level and which is based on scoring from 100 yards from the hole and in. This the most critical part of the game of golf and the part that juniors can master and play to a level way beyond their age and strength level. They are unable to hit the ball 250 yards physically, but they can play to that equivalent level in their chipping and putting. If we want our juniors to love the game they have to be able to see improvement, have success, and be on a path to mastery.

Junior Developmental Tour

For a junior to advance in our hat system they will play in our Junior Developmental Tour where they play 9 holes with their teammates from weekly sessions on a Sunday afternoon with a parent or grandparent caddying. This gives them the opportunity to compete which unfortunately in the past was not an option for beginning junior golfers. Unlike other sports where you play matches, games, and scrimmages right away (baseball, football etc), golf has been set up that you only play tournaments when you are a “good golfer.” Well, how are you meant to get good if you can’t play tournaments? So this is why we created a junior tour where our players can learn how to play the game with their friends with very little pressure on a course they can succeed with lots of fun and prizes.

For additional information as well as upcoming dates and times, please visit here.