Spring Golf Checklist

Finally, Mother Nature is loosening her grip on winter, and allowing Spring to show through. It sure was a long winter this year, but it’s time to start looking ahead to golf season! Chances are many of you are dusting off the clubs and shoes for the first time all winter, so this article is to get you best prepared for summer. If you have been keeping your game sharp all winter, I applaud your dedication, yet you too can stand to benefit from this spring golf checklist.

  1. Check Your Grips

Most golfers do not re-grip there clubs nearly enough. Many going multiple years without putting new grips on their golf clubs. I often get asked “How often should I re-grip my clubs?” As a basic rule: You should re-grip your clubs once per year. For those of you who play a lot of golf, you may want to consider changing twice per season. Oils on your hands, sweat, dirt and other elements will break down the rubber. Worn grips do not provide the same traction and stability as newly-installed, fresh grips. So, check your grips and if they are feeling slick, be sure to change them before the season gets started.

  1. Check Your Shoes

Another element that gets away from many golfers is the quality of their shoes and spikes. I often see soft spikes on golf shoes worn all the way down to the nub before someone replaces them. Sometimes that leads to needing a drill to get them out or having to scrap the shoe altogether. If you have replaceable spikes on your shoes, give them a check before lacing up your shoes this season. If they are worn down, replace them. If you have spike less shoes, look at the sole of the shoe. Again, if they are worn down, chances are the shoes need to be replaced. Better to replace them rather than lose your balance and risk major injury on the golf course.

  1. What’s in The Bag?

The popular feature on GolfWRX also applies to your game! Do you ever forget everything that you have in there? Now is the time to clean it out and leave the items that truly matter depending on the season.

The Essentials: 14 clubs, at least 6 golf balls, a dozen tees, a golf glove, divot tool, ball mark, towel, sunscreen, band-aids, bug repellant, rain gear, and since apparently, we live in an ice box, don’t forget your cold weather gear! Going through your bag will allow you to take some things out, as well as realize some things that you may still need for the upcoming season!

  1. Set Goals

Last but certainly not least, let’s set some goals. Maybe your goal is to play more golf? Maybe it is to get better? Maybe you simply want to meet new people? Whatever your goal is, try to make it specific, and either hold yourself accountable, or put yourself in a team to hold you accountable. I’ve found journaling to be a fantastic practice to make sure I am holding myself accountable to the goals that I set for myself each season. What is your golfing goal this season?