Trust the Process When It Comes To Club Fitting


The golf season is knocking at the door, so now seems like as good a time as ever to talk about the club fitting process for those who are interested. Club fitting is the process of understanding your swing characteristics and physical capabilities, as well as what your playing goals and aspirations are. Then, we design clubs that will fit you physically as well as satisfy your playing goals. Golf is the ultimate head game, so if we can help you create confidence through properly fitted clubs, then mentally you gain a tremendous advantage and ultimately play better golf.

Another way to look at it is that if you have the right tools in your hand, the chances you will play better are greatly enhanced. Many golfers come to me in search of more distance. I will never promise more distance. I will promise you a club that will help you hit the ball as solid and consistent as possible. I fully believe that solid, consistent contact is more important than distance. Keep in mind that if you are hitting the ball in the center of the clubface, you will get all the distance that, that club and your swing speed can deliver.

Even though every person is different, there are a few universal concepts that apply to just about everyone:

  1. The club should be fit to YOU! Don’t change your swing to fit the club.
  2. Results from a fitting are best when paired with lessons and practice.
  3. Can you buy clubs off the rack? Sure. You can also buy your suit off the rack, but you are lucky to get a perfect fit. Same holds true for clubs, there are NO industry standards for shaft flex, and club designs are all different.
  4. We are trying to create consistent and solid contact in each club.
  5. Key measurements include swing speed, tempo, plane, and smash factor which is a fancy couple words for “how good did we hit the ball”

At CBGC we use a Flightscope Launch monitor to look at all the numbers and technical data. That is all very important, but we also focus a great deal on feel. You can’t measure feel, we can only play with different shaft and club head options to try and create a perfect feeling and performing club. Swing weight, shaft weight and material, along with grip, and club head weight all factor in to creating the right feel.

I’m really excited to announce that we will be receiving a Callaway Fitting Cart in 2017. Usually reserved for box stores and high end Country Clubs, fitting carts allow the club fitter to build the perfect club every time as there are endless club head and shaft offerings available to try. When your clubs are the correct length, weight, flex, your grip fits, and the club feels great in your hands, do you think that you will play better golf? Your answer should be yes. It’s why the club fitting process works!