Keep your junior golfer in the swing of things with Junior Golf Camps Level 2!



Our Level 2 Junior Golf Camps are offered as a “Graduate Program” after the successful completion of Level 1. Like Level 1, we will be offering a couple of different one-week camps for your junior to participate in. Level 2 sessions go into further detail and therefore are two hours long instead of 90 minutes. Level 2 Camps will cost $225 for the week, with free entry into two of our junior developmental tour events.

Camps give your child an immersion into the game, they are 5 days in length for 120 minutes each day and are based around games, challenges, and learning the skills needed to play the game of golf. Camps are age-specific so we create the appropriate games and coaching to ignite passion as your child sees that golf can be fun and easy to learn. Clubs are provided! All you need to do is drop your child at camp and the rest is up to us. Camps run all summer long.

Level 2 Schedule: Each session will run from (10 AM-Noon)

August 13-18 (August 16=Off) Ages (5-9) (6 max participants)

August 20-24 Ages (10+) (6 max participants)

*Additional Camps/Spots will be made available based on demand