Let’s Talk About Tee Times…

When I came to Chequamegon Bay back in 2015, I’ve noticed a lot of confusion and negativity surrounding tee times so I wanted to post this article on our website to give everyone a clear picture of our tee time policy and expectations.

To be honest, our policy is pretty relaxed. Tee Times are available, but not required. However, we very much appreciate it when you make one, and we will always make sure to get you out first should a walk-on come in at the same time. Folks who make a tee time will always be given the right of way at our club.

In addition, making a tee time helps us help you! It allows us to be ready for our day instead of guessing. Let’s say for example it’s a beautiful day and our tee sheet is packed. We will be sure to be staffed appropriately and assure that you get the best experience from the moment you walk in our door to the moment you leave.

Yes, I know, we always do our very best to accomplish that. But for a moment let’s say it’s a beautiful day, but our tee sheet is empty. We think it should be busy, but we have no clue who or how many people are coming to see us. We can give it our best guess on staff and golf carts available, but we could fall short. This can mean that you will wait extra time to tee off, making your experience fall short of the expectations we set for ourselves as a staff and possibly your expectations as well. This is one reason we strongly encourage making a tee time even if it looks like we are not busy.

For your convenience, we now offer tee times to be made online. Book right from your smartphone and be assured that you are teeing off exactly when you want to be. https://chequamegonbay.teesnap.net

Of course, you can always call us as well. Like I said earlier, we will always do our very best to accommodate everyone who wants to play, tee time or no tee time. But just like a restaurant, we are going to serve those who make a reservation first. The best part of it is, making a tee time is free!