What to Eat During Your Next Round of Golf

Choosing what to eat on the golf course is really quite simple. Control the balance of your blood sugar and insulin levels and you will have consistent performance.

The Science:

            According to The Titleist Performance Institute, whenever we eat, our blood sugar levels increase. Our body loves equilibrium, therefore balances the rising blood sugar with insulin. So how do we control blood sugar? Our body does not know how many calories are in a food, so it relies upon taste. If something tastes sweet to us, our body will release insulin to combat the sugar onslaught. We get the initial high from the sugar, but crash once the insulin takes effect. More sugar will cause a bigger crash, and will also increase the craving for sugar. Foods that taste bland however, will cause the body to release less insulin. The key being, to eat food that gives us instant energy, and continues to slowly release energy until we eat again. Eating healthy foods at regular intervals is how to keep blood sugar and insulin levels balanced.

The Dose:

            Through research and experience I’d recommend carrying 3 snacks. One consumed right before the round, one after hole 6, and one after hole 12. If you mix the healthy snacks with a bottle of water you will be in good shape to play your best. I’d also recommend carrying a high glycemic snack like a Snickers bar for emergency purposes only. This should only be used with 3 holes left and if absolutely needed, as you are guaranteed a sugar crash within 10 minutes after the round. If you fuel with the appropriate snacks throughout the round, you will not feel the need to dip into the emergency snack. So, what should one eat on the golf course?

The Choices:

Ideally I’d like to recommend a grass fed beef steak, with a spinach salad covered with avocado, tomatoes, and olive oil with lemon dressing. This is unrealistic to carry in a golf bag however. We need foods that can resist heat, do not require refrigeration, are easily digestible, and readily accessible.


  • Water: 3 bottles minimum
  • Apple and Individually wrapped cheese
  • Almonds with Raisins
  • Beef Jerky
  • Peanuts/Banana
  • Hard Broiled Egg
  • Celery, Carrots


  • Water/ Sports Drink mix
  • PB&J Sandwich
  • Protein Bar
  • Dried Fruit


  • Sports Drink
  • Chocolate Bar
  • Granola Bar

            If you really want to gain an advantage and play your best, what you eat during your next round could make all the difference.